Shenzhen Circle Club

Circle Club is located in first-tier city Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Shenzhen is one of the four famous first-tier cities in China, its economic grows very fast each year and it is a super modern city with super advanced technology and great consumption potential, there are so many clubs in Shenzhen, Circle Club is one of them, it is opened in July 2021, used FYL’s newest motor winch kinetic football lights, to achieve the sharp lighting beam effects. Kinetic football light is the new developed kinetic lighting system which is launched a few months ago. The main feature of the football light is that each foodball light has 12 pieces 10W RGBW 4in1 LED, that means each light can light out 12pcs powerful light beam with 360 degree beam angle, create out super great beam effects for the club.

FYL’s motor winch used customized wire which is able to lift up illuminants/pendants within 5kg and using time can be up to 100000 times. The motor used inside is three phase motor with features of high speed, accurate positioning, smooth lifting, low noise. And a protective cover was adopted to prevent the lifting cable from derailing, winch is designed with four guide wheels, to ensure stable up and down and reduce noise during up&down lifting. With all these advantages, our motor winch kinetic lighting systems are widely adopted by large performances and large clubs. FYL is more and more famous in stage lighting equipment industry in China and beyond, FYL will be your good partner to work with on kinetic lighting systems.