Oem Kinetic Tube 3d Tube 3d Kinetic Lights Dmx Winches Factory Oem Kinetic Pixel Tube

Oem Kinetic Tube 3d Tube 3d Kinetic Lights Dmx Winches Factory Oem Kinetic Pixel Tube

Wedding effects used 100pcs Kinetic Tube 3d DMX winches Kinetic Pixel Tube:

This Wedding was held in Cambodia by our customer who has rental company focuse on wedding events.

After ordered 100pcs kinetic 3D pixel tube dmx winches that they need add extra 100pcs more for bigger events and different events.

FYL advantanges for kinetic winches for rental company is our different pendants can be matched for same kinetic winch. 2in1 function, 3in1 function, 4in1 function and so on. All pendants with weight under 1.5kgs.

Guangzhou Fengyi Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. (FYL) is a professional stage lights supplier since 2011 for a wide range of events.  It can supply equipment for conferences venues, large arena shows and world tours. It also provides full project management service to allow it to meet their client’s requirements to a very high level of excellence. A professional lighting team provides comprehensive advice from initial contact to post-project to ensure customers receive the highest quality of service at any time. One of our main products is based on kinetic winch with attachments to different versions for kinetic LED tube and ball, or a 2-IN-1 system, forming multiple dynamic bar combinations. In 2019 FYL applied for a patent on the Dynamic Bar connected to the kinetic winch, thus adding to our unique product line. Currently, We are the first company that has collaborated in projects using the professional kinetic LED bar displays for CCTV1, CCTV3, CCTV5 and CCTV15. Furthermore, our company is actively developing the kinetic winch that can be custom matched to a variety of novel design illuminators to customer’s requirements. Our strength is in innovative lighting design systems to meet our customer needs.