Fast delivery Led Stage Light Kinetic Light - D098 Firefly Lighting – Fyl

Technical Parameaters

Voltage: AC220V or DC6-12V
Power Consumption: 10W
Lighting Source: High power newest lighting source
Spot color: White or Yellow (colors can be customized, conventional is RGBYW)
Light angle: 80 degrees
Number of spots: 500 (the number of “fireflies”)
Beam power: <30MW (average power per spot)
Body material: 6061 Aluminum
Weight: 2.35kgs
Best throw distance: 3-8 meters
Best projected area: 12-60 Square meter
IP Rate: IP67, CLASS 2, A FDA
Operating temperature: -20 degrees ~60 degrees
Service life: more than 10000 hours
Accessories: 1 pc Operation Manual, 1 pc Warranty Card, 1 pc Power cord